The glowing continent always rewards those who dare to venture, but what do they seek?

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$LUDAMOON Tokenomics





Community and Burn


LP and Burn


Pre-sale (17th June 18:00 HKT ~ 21st June 18:00 HKT)

  1. (30%) Send $LUA to target address1 during the pre-sale: 0xc531C05cd4ee9a6e66DaFCdcf84b64184DA03b8F

    (Note: The upper limit of the $LUA presale pool is 40,000 $LUA)

  2. (10%) Play game, send Medal of the Pigeon to target address2 during the pre-sale 0xc531C05cd4ee9a6e66DaFCdcf84b64184DA03b8F

    1. Disassemble Lv4~Lv6 Weapons/Equipments to get the "Medal of the Pigeon"

How to calculate the $LUDAMOON I get in Presale?

  1. $LUA sent / Total $LUA sent to the target address1

    1. e.g, I send 100 $LUA to the pool, and there're 500 $LUA in the pool, after the presale date, I will get 100,000,000 * 30% * 100/500 = 6,000,000 $LUDAMOON

  2. Medal of the Pigeon sent / Total Medal of the Pigeon sent to the target address2

    1. e.g, I send 10 Medal of the Pigeons to the pool and there're 500 Medal of the Pigeons in the pool, after the presale date, I will get 100,000,000 * 10% * 10/500 = 200,000 $LUDAMOON

How to get Medal of the Pigeon?

  • By disassembling Lv4 ~ Lv6 Weapons/Equipments

Find Lucas to earn more Medal of Pigeon

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