PvP and PvEP








PvEP = PvE + PvP, collect resources in dungeons and loot from other players

The PvEP dungeon combines the fun of PvE dungeons with the excitement and tension of PvP.


In the PvEP dungeon, investors can choose to invest in different dungeons through totems. These rewards will be given to the winners of the PvEP dungeon, distributed among the valid winners in each PvEP round.

Part of the entrance ticket to the PvEP dungeon will serve as income for PvEP players, and part will serve as income for investors who invest in that dungeon.


Investors can choose different dungeons to invest in. The totem treasury comes from the ticket income of different PvEP dungeons. The totem treasury will distribute bonuses based on different investment ratios and totem quality for each round of PvEP.


For players, each time they enter a PvEP dungeon, they can get a portion of the ticket reward and rewards from totem investors. Players who successfully exit the PvEP dungeon can receive a portion of the ticket reward, with players exiting later receiving a higher portion of the ticket rewards. The team members of the player who kills the final Boss and successfully exits will share the totem rewards equally(no matter teammates alive or dead).


When you kill someone in PvP, you may get assets from what their equipments or backpack stuffs

PvP in Openworld

There're 3 types of zone

  • Peace

    • No PvP

  • Danger

    • You can attack someone when you turn the PvP switch on, no matter others switch it on or off

  • Chaos

    • Attack freely

Different Assets, One Game

One of the charming aspects of blockchain games is the ability to seamlessly connecting different assets through different dapp/network, allowing both players and investors to play games with different assets, competing with each other.

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