Totem is the core asset in Lumiterra, it combines the fun of games with the characteristics of capital liquidity efficiency thanks to the "ERC404" concept

At its core, ERC 404 operates on a mint-and-burn mechanism that facilitates the fractional ownership and transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This mechanism allows for the division of NFTs into smaller, manageable pieces, thus democratizing access to valuable digital assets and enhancing their liquidity in the market. For instance, owning a fraction of an ERC 404 token linked to an NFT enables a form of shared ownership, and accumulating enough fractions can lead to the minting of a new, complete NFT in the holderโ€™s walletโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹.

How it works?

The Roof

Just like the old-school rolling in Genesis Mystery Box, the Roof can ONLY be obtained in our telegram bot: @sosotribe_bot ( if no one swaps them in Uniswap

You can still get a totem fragment if you're in bad luck

The Base

The Base can be obtained from the swapping in Uniswap Pool

The Totem

Once the synthesis is done, it can not be reversed, Totem Token will deflate in every synthesis(and in every swap), the corresponding synthesized Base X and Roof X will be added to the stack

Activate Totem

Once you get a totem and decide to use it, you can activate it and it can not be transferred when it's activated

The totem seed will be appeared in your backpack once you activate your totem in the bot

Once you want to sale or transfer your totem, you can deactivate it in the bot freely and the corresponding totem will disappear in the game simultaneously

Contract Address

Trading Lumiterra Totem 404 items in Uniswap in LUA/LTM04 pair

OKX NFT Marketplace

You can sell your totem in Uniswap or OKX NFT Marketplace, every time you buy more than(or equal to) 1 token, the contract will mint you a new NFT from the collection, notice that The Roof and The Totem can NOT be minted in swap(cause their probabilities are 0) in the first place unless someone sells them, a roof, a base or a totem, they're all in the same collection with different probability.

Owning a Totem means:

1. Invest PvEP Dungeon and Get Ticket Revenue

Joining the party of the PvEP Dungeons, earning ticket revenue from all the players PvP and PvEP

2. Internal/External Assets Incentives/Airdrop

It's interesting to see different assets from outside the game joining the party of Lumiterra, starting in the beta2, treasury in lumi ecosystem will used to buy core assets in the blockchain world, like Bitcoin, ETH, they'll be wrapped into the NFT and totem investors will receive these assets as incentives

3. Homeland PvP Competitive Advantage

Your totem is your cannon ๐Ÿงจ

4. More

Total items in Totem Collection: 5000 (Decrease in every trading)

Amount of "The Roof" in minting: 2500

Amount of "The Base" in initial Uniswap Pool: 2500

For Mystery Box players

Users who hold or stake any amount of mystery boxes can mint "The Roof" 3 hours in advance

One More Thing

Transfer can not randomly mint different item

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