Mainnet Beta

Value of our crypto game product

Blockchain Gaming Experience that Last

Mainnet Beta is for the lumiterra community, either you're a player, crypto game user or defi user

How to Earn

Earning in Lumiterra Mainnet beta is quite intuitive
You can free to play Lumiterra, you can battle, farm, collect materials, craft equipment or weapons, make your character stronger
Everything dropped in game are NFTs, you can trade them with other players
You can send tickets to different lottery pool to win USDT tokens
Some tickets may need materials dropped in Dungeons, so team up with your friends to get them

During the Mainnet beta

We'll set up at least 3 Lottery Pools every 2 weeks
Lottery ticket prices go up with each one made. If you make the third ticket, it's cheaper than making the fourth, it's quite a good business in trading tickets


Is it free to participate the Mainnet Beta
Yes, it's completely free, no more pass NFT, White List, etc