Levels are a general concept in Lumiterra, with different specialization paths in the game leading to varying depths of gameplay. Different specialization skills have different dependencies and are an important part of Division of Work. For example

  • Players specializing in combat can help those specializing in agriculture to farm better while farmer himself can not do that easily.

  • Those specializing in agriculture can help combat players capture monsters.

  • Different equipment and weapons rely on different specialization abilities to produce different items.

Currently, there are three specializations: combat, agriculture, and gathering. Each player can choose their own path based on their preferences, and the game does not limit players in their choices. You can learn all specialization skills if you want.

How to Level Up?

Leveling up character level is not automatic, players can choose whether to level up or not.

Leveling up character level consumes experience EXP, and different actions will give you different experiences, such as defeating monsters to gain battle EXP, harvesting to gain harvest EXP, and farming livestock to gain agricultural EXP.

Why leveling up?

The higher the level, the more efficient it is to obtain certain resources (Material X), and it becomes possible to obtain even rarer resources (Material Y) (for example, only those with a level greater than 10 can obtain it).

Each season's game content will match some brand new content on the existing depth and breadth of the game, ensuring that the game content is rich and fun, because this is user demand.

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