Genesis Mystery Box

The sale of Genesis Mystery Boxes has ended. You can still obtain them on platforms like OpenSea and other NFT exchanges.

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๐Ÿ“–ใƒปContract Address 0xcf8b334f02ad9c80dc6a2db8191983acbeebac83

The Genesis Mystery Box is a special offering for Early Access and Mainnet Beta Supporters. Participants can "roll" two dice using our Telegram bot to obtain one of these boxes. The dice system in Telegram ensures fairness for all users.

There are 3,800 Genesis Mystery Boxes available in total. (800 boxes for communities)

Users roll two dice, and the sum determines the type of box they receive

How to get the genesis mystery box (Sold Out)

Enter the @sosotribe_bot telegram bot, activate a tribe account

To initiate a dice roll, participants must spend a small amount of LUA, 40 LUA for one roll (around $20 USD)

Once the total number of available mystery boxes reaches its limit, the dice-rolling system will close. There's no specific limit on the quantity of each box type; the distribution depends solely on the outcomes of the dice rolls.

Mystery Box Staking

You can stake the box, there're 4 options for staking time

  • 30, 60, 90, 180 days

Each one result in different gaining in

Exp, Material, Fee sharing

You can stake up to 5 mystery boxes

If you don't roll any box(bad luck), you'll still have a fragment of dungeon ticket (Lv1~Lv3 Dungeon or Lv4~Lv6 Dungeon)

If I stake my box (and I do not have an invitation code), can I join the mainnet beta?

You can stake 4 common boxes, 1 epic box or 2 uncommon boxes etc. to access the mainnet beta without code

Open the Mystery Box

Each box contains token and skin/equipment nfts, you can open after the mainnet beta in the @sosotribe_bot telegram bot

Different Token amount and material/nfts will be dispatched in different campaign There'll be 4 mainnet beta campaigns

1st: Dec 2023

2nd: Feb/March 2024

3rd: April/May 2024

4th: May/June 2024

In the later stage of Mainnet Beta, opening the box will yield more tokens and items.

Tokens will be $LUAG, learn more here

FAQ on staking and opening mystery box

First thing first, mystery box is for early and long-term supporters, it binds the interest and growth of the entire Lumiterra ecosystem

Staking Time #1 vs Staking Time #2

If your staking period cross 2 mainnet beta campaign, you'll earn 2 pieces of staking reward, you can restake your box once it's unlocked, but the maximum staking amount will always be 5 (for fairness)

So the staking time #1 will only earn the first mainnet beta reward(exp, material/NFTs, fees)

The staking time #2 will earn 2 rewards, and of course, sharing fees in both mainnet beta 1 and 2

Open #1 vs Open #2

The Amount of $LUAG and material in Open#2 is (much) higher than Open#1

Opening the box will burning the circulation the mystery box


You can transfer your mystery box to other wallet, simply tap "Transfer" and enter your wallet address

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