The Chain

The Mainnet Beta is on our app chain based on Arbitrum Orbit(L3) technology

We choose to launch the Mainnet beta on the App Chain because we ensure players get the top gaming and earning experiences

How to get $LUAUSD as a player in mainnet beta?

One way is to visit Lumi Finance USD Pool in Curve, swap $LUAUSD with USDT/USDC

Bridge In and Bridge Out

Since the official bridge is not supported for ERC-4337, we're building a more convenient way to brige in/out, but right now, please bear with this EOA bridging experience

Visit the Official Arbitrum Bridge Fork ( to bridge in or bridge out your $LUAUSD

You'll also need to buy $LUAUSD to your OKX Wallet address which you login into the game with

Bridge In

Before bridging in, you need to have some ETH in your Arbitrum One (for gas fee), we fork the official bridging function, support LUAUSD token and Lumi L3 by default.

Here we use OKX Wallet to demonstrate how to join the Lumi Layer3 network.

You can manually add the LUAUSD token or the Lumi network to your wallet.

The Token Info

Contract Address: 0x0a67a249dc74465fa013c79f7bb7aaed8e9546dd

Decimals: 18

Symbol: LUAUSD

name: LUAUSD

The Lumi network info

Network name : Lumi Finance USD


Chain ID : 94168

Currency symbol : ETH

Block explorer URL:

Bridge Out

Bridging out is almost the same, but you need to bridge a tiny amount of ETH (for gas fee to pay Arbitrum), when the dispute is completed, you can claim your $LUAUSD

Lumi Finance operates on Arbitrum L2 and Lumiterra operates on Arbitrum L3(lower gas) You can always cash your earning, say selling something in the okx nft marketplace and bridge out to L2, swap $LUAUSD to $USDT/$USDC for further usage

The Bridge Out period is decided by the Arbitrum One's dispute window, we're working with 3rd party to speed up the process, more details on the Official Arbitrum FAQ

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