There're 3 dungeons in mainnet beta:

  • Lv 1~4 Dungeon: The Flower Peak

  • Lv 4~7 Dungeon: The Floating Realm

  • Lv 7~9 Dungeon: The Ancient Domain

How to enter the Dungeon

Each team member must be prepared with the necessary instance materials. If anyone of the team does not meet the requirements, the team cannot enter the instance

Conditions and resources required for entering the instance:

  • Complete a certain quest

  • A dungeon ticket

  • Form or join a team (1 or more people)

Dungeon Rewards & Distribution Method

In the dungeon, as players progress through the chapters, they receive increasingly advanced, abundant, and diverse rewards.

These rewards include experience, and NFTs like equipments/materials obtained from defeating monsters, gathering, and from the chapter completion rewards.

Regarding chapter rewards, there are basic rewards and extra rewards. In the basic rewards, every team member receives identical NFTs, ensuring everyone gets the same experience, equipment, and materials.

In the extra rewards, each player randomly receives different rare materials and equipment NFTs.

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