The Lottery Ticket

There're 3 types of Lottery Pool in our mainnet beta

  • Open World Lottery

  • For Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon Lottery

  • For Lv4 ~ Lv6 Dungeon Lottery(#1,#2,#3)

The Dungeon Lottery require lottery tickets

You can craft these tickets using different materials with a increasing LUAUSD cost

Each cost on crafting the tickets goes to increase the prize pool, the price of the ticket goes up one by one, our team will also offer a basic prize pool for each lottery pool

Every lottery pool will last for 3īŊž7 days, one ticket is for one lottery pool only

DungeonTicket price functionTicket Materials come from

Open World Lottery

free to craft

Open world, Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon

For Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon Lottery


Open world, Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon

For Lv4 ~ Lv6 Dungeon Lottery


Lv4 ~ Lv6 Dungeon

The variable 'n' represents the sequence number in the crafting process, a, b will be 10, it may change after a few lottery

The initial slot for each prize pool is 10, every 5 newly crafted tickets will increase 1 slot for prize pool


the first Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon Lottery ticket craft cost 40 LUAUSD*

the second Lv1 ~ Lv3 Dungeon Lottery ticket craft cost 50 LUAUSD

say the basic prize pool is 5000 LUAUSD, after ten tickets has been crafted, the additional prize will be added the prize pool, 5000 + 40 LUAUSD

*: LUAUSD is a stablecoin in Lumi ecosystem, 1 LUAUSD = 1 USD

The Lottery Ticket AMM V1

Every Lottery Ticket* needs materials(crafted in the game) and some $LUAUSD to mint

The price will increase based on a linear function

The cool thing is, you can buy/sell lottery ticket through the AMM, meaning whenever you don't want to participate the lottery, you can sell it, and the Prize pool will decrease the amount of the current ticket prize(5% fee will still be in the pool)

So, there're a lot of strategies involved here, but being the very early lottery ticket minting will guarantee a (high) positive return

*:Different Ticket Pool needs different ticket(you can think of ticket just like a token), Pool A would be LotteryTicketTokenA, Pool B would be LotteryTicketTokenB *: The material needed for minting Lottery Ticket stays the same for a pool, despite of the current lottery ticket supply

When you sell the Ticket, you can only get back the $LUAUSD, and most of the materials associated with this ticket will be returned, some of them will become the prize, so winning the lottery means getting the $LUAUSD and some materials

The Lottery Ticket AMM V2

V2 is based on V1 with some tweaks

  1. The winning probability is based on the cost (V1 is based on the r = tickets you own / total tickets) Meaning the winning probability r = liquidity you own / (total liquidity - base prize pool)

V1 and V2 exist simultaneously

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