Beta 2

First of all, thank you to all users who participated in Beta1.

We received a lot of suggestions and data, and we believe that with everyone's help, the Lumi ecosystem will become better and better.

Beta2 will continue to focus on optimizing the economic model and enhancing the fun of the game.

In addition to the game's economic model, we will optimize the DeFi and game flywheel. Lumi Finance V2 will be released before Beta2.

Besides adding a lot of game content and brand-new systems, we will try to introduce external assets and combine new mechanisms (such as options, futures, etc.) to make the Lumi ecosystem interesting and prosperous.

Our team is still relatively small(10 people and a cat called Commander), and there will definitely be many areas that are not good enough, or say, very bad. We remain humble and keep shipping.

b/c We LOVE Buidling Stuffs

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