Mainnet Beta 2 Invitation Code

The Beta 2 is coming around March 2024 The distribution method for beta 2 invitation codes will be completely different

Staking Genesis Mystery Box(at least 4 points) will still gain access to beta 2/3/4

As long as you hold at least 2 shares of a valid tribe, you'll automatically obtain the access to mainnet beta 2 .(if you hold >=4 shares, you'll be gifted extra materials/equipments in beta 2)

Please note: only buying one share from each of the two valid tribes is not valid.

In case you don't know the tribe share, here's a simple document

You can buy/sell tribe share, the early share is way more cheaper than the latter one

How to find a valid tribe?

A valid tribe is a tribe owner who stake at least 1 point of the genesis mystery box

Visit @sosotribe_bot in telegram, tap "Discover" and find different tribe, once you find a tribe with đŸ“Ļ point, that's a valid one ( đŸ“Ļ2 means this tribe owner's staking box point is 2)

Tribe shares are priced in $LUA


  • The maximum players of the Beta 2 will be 4000, if valid members exceed, we'll rank based on the staking point and the share amount users bought

  • During the beta 2, once you do not hold enough shares of a valid tribe, you'll lose the access to the game, but when you buy shares again, you'll be able to access

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