Combat produces resources, which can be combined to create new resources by merging Resource A and Resource B. All resources are directly minted and stored on the blockchain. For example, when you defeat a monster, the dropped item can appear instantly in your wallet and you can manage your game assets according to your preferences.

Some resource combinations require the game native tokens called LUAUSD, which can be obtained on Curve


Combat also yields other resources, and the Crafting System has a wide range of combinations. Try explore and discover by yourself.

Combat also earns you experience (EXP), which can be used to level up. The higher the level, the more efficient resource acquisition and upgrading become more challenging.

Levels in Lumiterra refer to a term called Specialization Level, where players can choose different specialization upgrade paths according to their preferences (of course, you can also learn all of them. There is no specific mandate to learn only one).

Acquired or synthesized resources can be traded in the Marketplace. Of course, players can buy other players' equipment or resources.

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